Author: Georgina Gilbert

Cc: Susan Hurst

“It’s a vicious circle, constantly” – Resident concerns over continuously overflowing bins

A Salford resident has reached tipping point over the continuously overflowing bins and missed collections in the Sailsbury Road area. […]

Cc: Christmas is Coming Facebook page permission by Paul Ashton

“It’ll be very enjoyable” – Salford’s annual charity Christmas concert moves online

A Salford charity’s Christmas concert has moved online for the first time due to Tier Three restrictions.  ‘Christmas is Coming’ […]

photo taken by Georgie Gilbert

“It would be a great loss to the community” – Salford’s ‘Church on the Hill’ faces closure due to Covid-19

Despite surviving two World Wars, a Salford church may have to close permanently due to loss of money caused by […]

Permission given by Philip Westcott

“You forget your worries, it’s just like meditation” – A Salford artist on lockdown and future exhibitions

Undeterred by the temporary closure of The Lowry’s Days Like These exhibition which features his work, Salford artist Philip Westcott […]

Copyright/Permission: Andrew Lane

“I’d love to help young people in Salford thrive” – Runner raises money for Salford Youth Centre

A Salford man has run the equivalent distance of Salford to London throughout October to raise nearly £9,000 for the city’s […]