NHS Northern Gambling Service is opening a new gambling help clinic today in Clipper Quay.

The clinic will provide two parts to the service.

One to provide treatment for gambling addiction for the individual, and the other to provide support for family members and friends who are affected by somebody else’s gambling problem.

There are currently four more clinics in the north of the UK.

The Salford clinic will cover the north-west region of the UK, providing support for people around the region.

The first clinic opened in September 2019, and have had over 200 referrals since then.

Matt Gaskell, Clinical Director for the NHS Northern Gambling Service, said: “We’re phycologists, physiotherapists, psychiatrists and mental health nurses.

“We provide more intensive interventions and provide support for the problems that come with gambling.

“We support people that feel suicidal and people that have mental health problems, that are often co-incur with gambling problems, which makes us unique.”

If you or anybody you know would like to contact the NHS Northern Gambling Service, call 0300 300 1490 or email referral.ngs@nhs.net

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