An XL Bully dog was shot dead by police in Eccles on Friday (June 28) after attacking a woman.

Police were called to several reports of the ‘out of control’ dog (confirmed by police to have been a banned breed) at around 9pm on Glaston Road in Eccles.

After the dog injured a woman, police attempted to detain the dog however they were unsuccessful. Specialist officers were then deployed to the scene and due to ‘the risk of harm’ shot the dog.

XL Bully shot

Two men were later arrested after confronting officers. Salford Now is currently awaiting an update from the GMP regarding the arrests.

A GMP spokesperson said: “At around 9pm tonight (Friday June 28) on Gladstone Road in Eccles we were called to several reports of a dog dangerously out of control that was subsequently attacking the public and injured a woman in the process.

“Initially, both local officers and the public were unable to regain control of the dog. Specialised officers were deployed and tried to safely secure the XL Bully but were unsuccessful. This meant unfortunately due to the risk and harm it was causing as a banned breed it was destroyed at the scene as the last possible option.

“Two men were later arrested and detained after confronting officers. The woman victim is still receiving treatment for her injuries.”

The images in this article are taken from this video by spottedoldham.

A GMP Spokesperson said today (July 1): “We’re continuing to investigate an incident where our officers responded to reports of a dangerous dog in Eccles on Friday night which had attacked a member of the public.

“The information available indicated a wider risk to the safety of the public. Our focus will always be on bringing incidents to a safe resolution and the action taken was as a last resort.

“We fully understand the strong concerns which have been raised by members of the local community and beyond.

“It is important we are accountable for our actions and so we will be making a voluntary referral to the Independent Office for Police Conduct for their assessment.”

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