A two time award-winning show called NeuroChatter is coming to The Kings Arms in Salford this July.

The unique show will come to the historic Salford pub/ theatre on Bloom Street on Wednesday July 24.

This show is the recipient of this year’s ‘Keep it Fringe’ Fund & Winner of Brighton Fringe’s Outstanding Neurodiverse Performance award.

NeuroChatter is an autobiographical portrayal of the artist’s lived experiences of being treated for a dissociative condition and post traumatic stress.

The playwright of NeuroChatter is Sara J Harvey, who is a writer and actor from Chester and is trained in Somatic Psychology, Applied Neuroscience. She is also a keen educator and researcher of Trauma Therapy, Autism & Dissociative Conditions.

The play focuses on three of the alterations in the main characters identity. One actor (S.J Harvey) embodies her three alter egos in this tragicomedy Psycho-Drama; recounting the fragmentation of her mind and what it took to confront her rupture in psyche.

During her time in therapy, S.J Harvey experienced heightened altered states of consciousness all with their own names, gender, wishes and wants. Her play NeuroChatter focuses on three alterations in her identity.

For tickets, check The Kings Arms website here.

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