Stuart Everett

 Police are continuing their search for Stuart Everett’s remains in an area of Worsley Woods.

Specifically, the police are continuing their search in the Roe Green Loopline starting at the junction of Worsley Road with Greenleach Lane.

Stuart Everett, 67, is believed to have died at an address in the Winton area of the city at the end of March. Parts of his body have been subsequently found in four different areas of the city.

Two men from Eccles have since been arrested and remanded in custody on suspicion of murder.

Worsley Woods
Free Public Domain CC0 Photo.

Officers will be patrolling the area to provide support to the local community and efforts will be made “to minimise disruption”.

Access to the area will be limited as small, methodical searches are conducted. Further searches will be carried out in the same manner over the coming weeks.

Detective Chief Inspector Rachel Smith from our Major Incident Team said: “We are thankful that you understand the immense amount of work that is going into this from the whole force.

“We remain committed, dedicated and focused on our task and this is another example of our ongoing work to do that, by being diligent and respectful towards Stuart and his loved ones who continue to try to process the tragic and upsetting circumstances.

“As we have done from the start, we will keep you updated on our progress, as we all have personally been affected by this case, but in the meantime would like to ask for your further support in this over the weekend by trying to avoid the area where possible.”

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