Oasis Posters on display

The new Together We’ll Fly exhibition at Salford Lads Club was an incredible experience even for non-fans of Oasis, like me.

Some of the guitars on display in the exhibit
Even without being a fan I felt unworthy of being near these guitars.

Oasis is a major part of both British culture and Manchester culture and the Salford Lads Club is another key piece in local history. Combining the two, even briefly, is a no-brainer; the Lads Club is the perfect home for the show.

This unique Oasis experience covered every release, item, image, and story from 1992-2009, through to the current day. Including the largest collection of band-used instruments and stage equipment ever put together in one place.

The concert hall used was just the right size for the amount of memorabilia on display, with there being enough room for small plaques adding details around the general history of the band as well as the specific items on display.

The stars of the show were in the middle of the room, the 10 Gallagher-used guitars worth a simply mind-bending amount of money. With the six-figure collection of Gallagher guitars going up for auction in November, exhibits like this are part of the final tour before these guitars go to their new homes in the winter.

A Copy of the game Frustration with Oasis branding
When I showed this to a friend who is a big Oasis fan he simply said: “2009 (Colourised)”

The rest of the memorabilia had been collated over many years and then segregated into eras around the room, starting with their early days in the early 1990s and then moving through the decade up to the peak of the band, including the greatest bit of unintentional irony I have ever seen sitting at the bottom of a glass display case.

The other side of the hall had a section simply plastered in award records, mostly platinum records and golden records, just further adding to the lustre of this being the “largest collection of Oasis pieces ever seen in one place”.

Gold and Platinum Records in frames
Just shows how successful two lads from Burnage and their band became.

Further along, the exhibit shifted into the 2000s and the fall of the band, moving into the present day and what the Gallagher brothers are doing now since the split, with particular attention on Noel and his High Flying Birds.

Overall, this exhibit is a must-visit for any Oasis fan, and even non-Oasis fans would struggle to not enjoy the history.

Tickets are priced from £20 for entry to the exhibition and can be booked online.

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