A contract worth just under £250,000 for the development of a literacy hub in Salford is set to be voted on next Wednesday. 

The procurement board of Salford City Council will vote on approving the contract with the National Literacy Trust as part of the overall literacy strategy.

It is not yet clear exactly where the literacy hub will be located in Salford, with the contract to develop the hub set to begin from July 1 of this year, if voted through by the council.

The report, available on the council website states: “A key recommendation from the Children’s Scrutiny report was to develop a Literacy Strategy for Salford by developing partnership working between schools, the council, arts organisations, higher and further education.

“The development of a Literacy hub with National Literacy Trust would be a key vehicle to ensure that literacy is given a high profile in Salford and that the Literacy Strategy is embedded fully, providing high quality training and development in schools.”

The Literacy Hub Contract (Taken from Salford City Council)
The Literacy Hub Contract (Taken from Salford City Council)

Literacy hubs are centres for school leaders, teachers and families to engage in effective literary practise.

The aim, the report says, is to create readers in disadvantaged and diverse communities, using a place-based approach.

The report also states that as a part of the scheme, Salford would receive free resources such as books for schools and libraries as well as workshops and ‘meet the author’ events.

The hub will be available for people of all ages, with a report stating that 9 per cent of adults in Salford are unable to read.

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