The Lowry circus

With something for all ages, there will be a range of dance and circus shows taking place at The Lowry this autumn.

Among some of the shows taking place there will be acrobatics taking place, which will show just how far the human body can be pushed. There will also be a circus event which will be fun for families.

When asked about the upcoming shows Steve Cowton, Head of Theatre Operations at The Lowry, said: “We’re delighted to be announcing a series of new shows for our autumn season – featuring great circus and dance from both the UK and further afield: Monkeys Everywhere is a brilliant new family clowning show from an Australian legend called Gary Starr which began its life in The Lowry Studio!

“That show is joined by more great circus from Finland and dance from Luxemburg – alongside UK Companies Theatre Re and Gorilla Circus.”

The shows take place from September to November and certain shows have age requirements in order to attend.

Monkeys Everywhere (Age guidance 5+) Friday September 20-22 

Monkeys Everywhere follows Damien Warren-Smith’s mischievous, acclaimed alter ego Garry Starr as he endeavours to write, but is continually distracted by the monkeys that fly through his brain. They pop in, drive through, swing past and start monkey parties which makes it impossible for him to concentrate.

This is a show for all ages – but especially for those “who can’t always keep their monkeys under control”. Monkeys Everywhere contains puppetry, clowning and “a huge amount of heart”.

Garry Starr: Penguin Classics (Age recommendation 16+) Saturday September 21

“Having already saved everything else, Garry Starr is back and this time he’s hell-bent on saving books from extinction by performing every Penguin Classic novel ever written. In an hour.”

Following sell-out runs of his previous shows in London, Edinburgh, Melbourne and Adelaide, the “multi-award-winning idiot” returns with another anarchic masterclass.

Blueberry Burdock Wednesday October 2

Directed by Thomas Monckton and performed by Olli Vuorinen. Blueberry Burdock premiered at the Stoa cultural centre (Helsinki) in 2023. It’s a journey of a character overwhelmed by an overabundance of options as contradictions and inner conflicts manifest in vivid displays.

Blueberry Burdock is also produced by the Finnish contemporary circus and visual theatre group Nuaa Company.

Moments Tuesday October 8-9

Moments by Theatre Re is a part TED Talk, part theatrical performance encompassing Theatre Re’s trademark style. The performance style combines “striking visual theatre to create world-class, deeply moving non-verbal productions about universal human challenges and the fragility of life.”

Insomniac’s Fable Sunday October 13

Insomniac’s Fable is a contemporary circus and dance piece featuring world-class performers “that chronicles a protagonist’s pursuit of idealised love.”

Performed by Sakari Männistö, one of the world’s most original jugglers and classical ballet dancer Erin O’Toole, Insomniac’s Fable is a delicate love story with a “Hitchockian glint in its eye.”

Lived Fiction Thursday October 17

Lived Fiction is the manifestation of Stopgap’s twenty-year history, a timely intervention that can shape the future of contemporary dance.

The sensual choreography of Lived Fiction is “rendered anew with evocative audio description, exquisite projection art and captioning.”

The Passion of Andrea 2 (Age guidance 8+) Saturday October 19

The Passion of Andrea 2 is a creation by Simone Mousset, associate artist at The Place, London, and winner of the Luxembourgish Dance Award 2017.

Masquerading as a sequel to an earlier, non-existent version of itself, The Passion of Andrea 2 is a mischievous con artist of a dance theatre piece about feelings of uneasiness, the inability to fully understand, and the painful desire for more.

RPM (Age guidance 10+) Saturday November 30 

RPM by Gorilla Circus explores the impact of Britain’s colonial past, in a mesmeric new show combining exhilarating acrobatics, adrenaline-pumping street dance and breath-taking roller skating, set on a giant moving treadmill!

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The featured image is taken by Chris Parkes.

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