Oasis exhibition

A six figure collection of Noel Gallagher’s guitars can be seen at the ‘largest ever’ Oasis exhibition at Salford Lads Club this June.

The Oasis exhibition, Together We’ll Fly, includes 10 guitars previously owned and played by Noel Gallagher, awards and signed merchandise.

Oasis exhibition

The sought after guitars will be showcased from Friday June 14 till Sunday June 16 at the club on Coronation Street before heading to auction in November.

This unique Oasis experience covers every release, item, image, and story from 1992-2009, then to current day. Including the largest collection of band-used instruments and stage equipment ever put together in one place.

Signed merch is also on sale and there will be Q&A sessions presented by John Robb to close down the event.

The event is also notably raising money for Salford Lads Club across the four days it is open for.

A spokesperson for Salford Lads Club said: “Salford Lads Club is delighted to be hosting this exhibition.

“As the third most visited music tourism destination in the UK we welcome many music fans from around the world visiting our iconic building, hosting this really exciting exhibition dedicated to Oasis (fairly local lads!) seems perfectly fitting.”

Kyle Dale is the Director at the company Bittersweet Home who organised the display. He said: “Never before have we seen such historical items together in one room for any band, never mind a band as globally adored as Oasis.

Image by Harry Warner.
Salford Lads Club sits down the road of The Tatton. Image by Harry Warner

“They defined a generation and every generation after, for fans to see this conclusive collection from their earliest demo to their current day solo projects is a true one-off experience. This museum worthy exhibition coincides with our last true rockstars Definitely Maybe 30th anniversary shows in Manchester.

“Let’s hope Liam pops in eh?”

Tickets are available for purchase here.

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