Salford Quays building

Pans to extend a building at the Salford Quays have been officially withdrawn after the community took a firm stance against the proposal.

The plans involved extending the Anchorage House building at 252 the Quays by four storeys. In March this year, nearly 100 people objected to the proposed four-storey extension as they believed it would affect the buildings close by.

The proposed plans further consisted of two office floors and two residential floors with 10 apartments in total.

Salford Quays building

A resident of a close by building, the Millennium Tower, Chantal Zuurmond, was outraged when she saw the plans on February 23.

She said: “It was quite clear from the posts that it would ruin the current view we have.

“I was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to see any sunlight. Right now, we get a lot of daylight.”

If the proposed plans were to go ahead, Zuurmond claimed residents would be “surrounded by concrete.”

Zuurmond added: “It is not a great feeling, it feels claustrophobic.”

Councillor Paul Heilbron also objected to the plans.

He said: “I whole heartedly oppose this application. The proposals are likely to have a significant impact on some of the flats within Millennium Point, Millennium Tower, and Duet.”

To view the recently withdrawn application, click here.

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