Plans have been submitted for a new neighbourhood consisting of 295 homes on land east of Boothstown.

The developer, Peel Land, plans to build a new housing estate on land in Boothstown, next to RHS Bridgewater, off Leigh Road.

The original planning application consisted of 350 homes in Boothstown, however this has now been reduced to 295 after feedback from the community.

The new neighbourhood will be situated on an area of green belt land that is set to be released.


The land is set to lose its green belt status under the Greater Manchester Places for Everyone scheme, which aims to build 28,000 new homes in the city. Salford became the first to adopt the development scheme in March this year.

Places for Everyone is a long-term development plan for nine Greater Manchester districts including Salford.

For the proposed neighbourhood in Boothstown, Peel stated it would maintain a 50 per cent affordable housing provision. This will be delivered through a mixture of on-site homes and off-site contributions.

The plans further include new play parks and active travel routes, as well as improved connectivity to the local RHS Garden Bridgewater and the Bridgewater Canal.

A spokesperson for Peel Land said: “We are pleased to be submitting updated plans for the land to the east of Boothstown which is now formally allocated as part of Salford’s development plan.

“We have reflected on feedback from Salford City Council and the local community and made change, to ensure the scheme delivers for the local area.

“These plans reflect our commitment to creating a vibrant, sustainable community that will be one of the most exciting, greenest, inclusive new developments in Salford and Greater Manchester.”

Featured image is by Hope Architects who designed the outline project for Peel Land.


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