Salford elections

Labour has retained control of Salford City Council after this year’s local elections.

There are now a total of 50 Labour councillors in the town hall, with two Lib Dems, seven Conservatives, and one independent.

One seat was up for election in each of the twenty wards in the city, and due to a councillor standing down in the Ordsall ward there were 21 seats up for election in total.

Paul Dennett from the Labour Party secured 30,753 votes to be elected as the City Mayor for a four-year term of office. This will be Paul’s third term in office.

Jillian Collinson, Conservative Party – 10,930

Paul Dennett, Labour Party – 30,753

Sally-Ann Griffiths, TUSC – 2,681

David Jones, Green Party – 5,623

Elected: Paul Dennett

Electorate: 193,084

Turnout: 49,987

Turnout percentage: 25.89%

The count for the City Mayor election took place on Saturday May 4 after the count for the GMCA Mayoral election at the Salford Community Stadium.

The City Mayor count started at 2.30pm on Saturday May 4 and the winner was announced at 4.25pm.

Returning Officer Tom Stannard said: “The three elections in Salford this year were an important opportunity for voters to choose who makes decisions that affect them, in the places where they live. In addition to electing a Salford City Mayor, they voted for the Greater Manchester Combined Authority Mayor and local councillors.

“This year, one third of Salford’s 60 councillors are up for election, one from each of the city’s 20 wards except for Ordsall which will elect two councillors.

“Thank you to all those people who voted and had their say on who they wanted to represent them. And also a big thank you goes to all the people who worked tirelessly through the night and over the weekend to ensure the verification and count went smoothly to elect new councillors and a Salford City Mayor for our great city. It is greatly appreciated.”

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