Women’s Equality Party candidate Carmen Wood-Hope is standing in May’s council elections on a platform to tackle inequality and violence against women and girls. 

The 64-year-old teacher is one of six candidates standing in the Weaste and Seedley ward for election to Salford City Council.

The other candidates are Phil Cusack (Labour), Andrew Nadin (Green), Chris Neville (Communist Party of Britain), Ninad Vivek Oak (Lib Dem) and Dan Whitehouse (Conservative).

Mrs Wood-Hope joined the Women’s Equality Party in the early 2000s after attending a protest in Manchester and becomes the party’s candidate after Donna-Maree Humphery stood for the party in last year’s elections, receiving 109 votes.

Known as a safe Labour seat, Phil Cusack is hoping to hold it for the party; while Tory Dan Whitehouse will be hoping to pull off a shock victory for the Conservatives.

Lib Dem candidate Ninad Vivek Oak stood last year in Irlam and gained 120 votes, and Green candidate Andrew Nadine stood in the Quays ward last year gaining 150 votes.

The Communist Party of Great Britain is fielding its only candidate across the city in this ward as Chris Neville stands in his first Salford council election.

Today is the last day residents across Salford can register to vote in the local elections which take place on May 2. Anyone needing to register can go to https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote to register.

Mrs Wood-Hope, who comes from the Weaste and Seedley ward, said: “I want to make sure women and families can actually support themselves because that’s really important.”

She has pledged to fight for funding to build more social housing for the area to help combat poverty.

You can listen to a clip from the interview with Mrs Wood-Hope here:

The school teacher has also said she wants to work with the Lowry theatre to give schoolchildren more cultural experiences saying: “There needs to be free days where schools from all over Salford can go in and access the facilities. It’s not just about feeding the body it’s about feeding children’s minds.”

Mrs Wood-Hope has said her career as a teacher has helped shape her political views saying that teachers bringing food in to feed hungry children is becoming a “regular occurrence” across schools in Salford and wants to help the council introduce universal free school meals if elected.

Salford city council local elections take place on Thursday May 2 with a third of the council being elected which is one councillor in each ward.

The other candidates in the election are listed below and you can view all Salford city council election details here.

The lists of candidates are as follows:

Candidates for Mayor of Salford
Jillian Rose Collinson (Conservative)
Paul Dennett (Incumbent, Labour)
Sally Griffiths (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
David Jones (Green)

Candidates for Mayor of Greater Manchester
Jake Austin (Lib Dem)
Dan Barker (Reform UK)
Nick Buckley (Independent)
Andy Burnham (Incumbent, Labour and Co-operative)
Laura Evans (Conservative)
Hannah Kathrine Spencer (Green)

Candidates for Salford City councillor

Barton and Winton:
Antony Duke (Lib Dem)
Jacqui Fahy (Labour)
Janet Alison Meades-Smith (Conservative)
Jack Smith (Green)

Blackfriars and Trinity:
Jane Elizabeth Hamilton (Labour)
David Jones (Green)
Stuart Michael Oxbrow (Lib Dem)
Craig Russell Walsh (Conservative)

Boothstown and Ellenbrook:
Diana Joy Battersby (Green)
Ian Leslie Chisnall (Lib Dem)
Bob Clarke (Conservative)
Darren Morris Matthews (Labour)

Saqib Aftab (Conservatives)
Maria Brabiner (Labour)
David Joseph Henry (Green)
Ben Web (Lib Deb)

Cadishead and Lower Irlam:
Lewis Eric Nelson (Labour)
Jane Mary Ransley (Green)
Michael Richman (Conservative)

Barbara Anne Bentham (Labour)
Alima Husain (Conservative)
Ian Alexander McKinlay (Lib Dem)
Christopher Frederick Seed (Green)

Sharmina August (Labour)
Sally Griffiths (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Nicola Smith (Green)
Paul Lionel Albert Worcester (Conservative)

Higher Irlam and Peel Green:
Nathan David Ashmall (Green)
Dorothy Chapman (Conservative)
Tracy Kelly (Labour)

Kersal and Broughton Park:
Muhammad Khasif (Labour)
Arnie Saunders (Conservative)
Nel Scroggie (Green)
Ben Thomas (Lib Dems)

Little Hulton:
Tony Davies (Labour)
Myrella Saunders (Conservative)
Jane Wood (Green)

Tanya Burch (Labour)
John Brian Frederick Grant (Lib Dem)
Brendan Keville (Labour)
Charlie Ng (Conservative)
Jack Owens (Green)
Michael George Scantlebury (Green)
Jay Talukdar (Conservative)

Pendlebury and Clifton:
Kathleen Frances Allen (Green)
Angela May Grant (Conservative)
Su Matthews (Labour)

Pendleton and Charlestown:
Michele Barnes (Labour)
Adam Robert Carney (Conservative)
Adam Skyrme (Green)
Kenneth William Thompson (Lib Dem)

Liz McCoy (Labour)
Derek Barry Meades (Conservative)
Jonathan David Moore (Lib Dem)
Andrea Romero O’Brien (Green)

Swinton and Wardley:
Jim Dawson (Labour)
Jackie Mountaine (Conservative)
Joseph James O’Neill (Independent)
Liam James Cantona Waite (Green)

Swinton Park:
Glenn Croston (Conservative)
Heather Dawn Fletcher (Labour)
John Howard McLellan (Lib Dem)
Lisa Swarbrick (Green)

Walkden North:
Frederick Roy Battersby (Green)
Craig Thomas Birtwistle (Reform UK)
Adrian Brocklehurst (Labour)
Kausar George (Conservative)
Scott James Turner-Preece (Lib Dem)

Walkden South:
Christopher Alan Bates (Conservative)
Rowan Cerys Blessing (Lib Dem)
Joshua Brooks (Labour)
Tom Dylan (Green)
Paul Anthony Whitelegg (Independent)

Weaste and Seedley:
Phil Cusack (Labour)
Andrew Nadin (Green)
Chris Neville (Communist Party of Britain)
Ninad Vivek Oak (Lib Dem)
Dan Whitehouse (Conservative)
Carmen Wood-Hope (Womens Equality Party)

Worsley and Westwood Park:
James Karl Blessing (Lib Dem)
Sara Joanne Laing (Green)
Lewis Ormston (Conservative)
James Prady (Labour)




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