Clean Up Salford

An environmentalist group has taken to X (Twitter) to ask the council to provide bins to some Salford residences so that fly tipping can be avoided. 

Clean Up Salford recently tweeted: “We have inspected the back areas including properties with blocked access and have identified no residents own ANY Salford council bins of any description.”

They finished with a plea to Salford City Council for their help to overcome the recycling issue.

Clean Up Salford is a group which aims to highlight and support ideas and solutions needed to make the planet a more sustainable place to live.

The group is investigating properties which appear not to have a recycling bin.

This includes a property on Langworthy Road, a barber shop in Salford and properties on Eccles New Road.

The list includes a property on Langworthy Road which “seems to have no evidence of owning a grey or brown bin.”

It claims “black bags and clutter are accumulating” outside the property in the picture below.

Clean Up Salford

When referencing the barber shop in Salford, it says the “shop seems to have no evidence of a commercial waste bin.

“The rear of the property is barricaded in by 8ft high fly tipping at the rear.”

Whereas, on Eccles New Road it commented: “Eccles New Road, gated entrance at the side of the building appears to have no domestic bin arrangements.

“(A) significant pile up of rubbish and bulk waste (is) also on (the) premises.”

These are just a few of many areas that are under investigation due to an apparent lack of bins from the council.

The campaigners are finding lots of issues with flats above shops which do not have separate bins. They claim this had led to rubbish just being thrown out the back of the properties.

So far, Salford City Council has responded on Twitter letting constituents know that they are aware of the issues. It has passed the information on so the properties get the reported issues resolved quickly.

Click here to read the council’s plans.

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