A review into the death of a teenager who died at Salford Royal Hospital during spinal surgery is “near completion” according to reports.

17-year-old Catherine O’Connor was born with spina bifida and underwent an operation at the Salford hospital in a bid to straighten her twisted spine.

Catherine sadly died from severe blood loss during the operation in 2007.

A force spokesman told the BBC: “In December 2022, His Majesty’s Senior Coroner requested that GMP’s Salford district reviewed the findings of Independent Expert Reviews relating to Catherine O’Connor’s death.

“This review is near completion, and we are seeking advice from the Crown Prosecution Service.”

The surgeon who carried out the operation was John Bradley Williamson.

In 2021, an inquiry was launched into Mr Williamson and the treatment of his patients at Salford Royal. The review by the Northern Care Alliance detailed that Mr Williamson repeatedly exercised ‘unacceptable and unprofessional behaviour’. It also detailed that he carried out botched surgeries and left patients with serious blood loss, mobility issues and long term pain.

Mr Williamson has previously stated that he had always made patient care his first priority.

Mr Williamson commented: “Insofar as it related to the care provided by me, it is important to recognise that standards in many aspects of practice have changed considerably since 2006.

“I will consider and reflect on the findings of the report. There are findings and conclusions with which I do not agree.”

Catherine’s sister, Angela,  set up the JBW Patients Group earlier this year to support those affected by Mr Williamson’s surgery.

She said: “Your life changes literally overnight. I still feel angry, still sad.”

Angela has called for a new inquest and a full recall of all patients seen by Mr Williamson, who also worked at Manchester Children’s Hospital and the Spire Hospital.

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