Salford dad charity walk

A Salford dad is aiming to complete a 90-mile charity walk around Lancashire’s rugby league grounds alongside his daughter this April.

Christopher Whitehead and his daughter, Millie, will undertake the walk to raise awareness for the YoungMinds charity. They will attempt to reach ten different rugby stadiums throughout their walk.

The walk will begin on April 1 and takes place over nine consecutive days, covering 90 miles. It will begin in Rochdale and end at Heywood Road.

The pair will also walk to St Helens, Wigan and Old Trafford, amongst other places.

Salford dad charity walk
Poster outlining the destinations for the walk.

Whitehead hopes that his actions will raise awareness to the increase in mental health related issues amongst young people in the UK.

  • In 2023, about one in five children and young people aged 8 to 25 years had a probable mental disorder.

Having a young daughter himself, Whitehead felt more inclined to raise awareness for the cause. He said: “I like doing these fundraisers each year, so I thought why don’t we do one this year for children’s mental health.”

Another inspiration for Whitehead was being a rugby fan himself. Whitehead added: “I put these walks together because I’m a big Salford Red Devils fan.” As someone who frequently attends rugby matches, he believes he understands the area well enough to attempt this challenge.

Whitehead understands that it is a lot to undertake, saying: “It’s a big challenge but it’s all for a very good cause”.

He also is eager to extend these walks to anyone interested in raising awareness for the same cause: “Anybody and everybody who wants to join these walks is welcome to.”

Whitehead’s details can be found on the poster for those who want to donate to YoungMinds or take part in the walks themselves.


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