Over half a century later, a Salford family has recreated their old family photograph taken in Salford in the 1970s.

Peter Youd, from Eccles, decided last week to recreate his family photograph taken outside their home at 26 Langton Street in 1970.

Peter, 56, is the man in the yellow shirt in the recent photograph. He would have been two years old when the picture was originally taken 54 years ago.

Image taken by photographer Martin Mayer.

On recreating the photo, Peter said: “It was a great memory to recreate.

“It took me back to happy times when I was a little kid in Salford doing nothing but playing in boxes.”

Image taken by Jack Youd.

The photo was taken by Peter’s nephew Jack Youd who took the picture last Sunday (March 17).

Jack Youd said: “I grew up fascinated by this photo from 1970 of my grandad (29) and grandma (23) taken outside their home at 26 Langton Street. My dad and uncle are “rowing up the Amazon”, my grandad’s motorbike and sidecar is covered just off camera, and their cousins are walking behind. One day, on Instagram, I saw it staring back at me on the British Culture Archive (BCA). 

“I thought our family were the only ones with copies, but it turns out the photographer Martin Mayer was uploading his archive, which BCA subsequently featured. He’d visited them from Workers Press about industrial issues at Salford Docks, where my grandad worked.”

The BCA said a special thank you to Jack and his family on their Twitter (X) for re-creating the photograph.


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