art exhibition Langworthy cornerstone

The exhibition ‘From the Art of Salford’ at the Langworthy Cornerstone is returning in April this year and will run until June. 

Tony Easom, an artist from Salford, has been organising the art exhibition at the Langworthy Cornerstone for nearly ten years, with the help of his wife Lisa Easom.

art exhibition Langworthy cornerstone
Tony Easom and his wife Lisa Easom at last year’s exhibition. Photo courtesy of Tony Easom.

This exhibition was an idea he thought of, along with Salford artists Philip Westcott and Steve Rogers, for people from all over the country to be able to showcase their artwork for free.

On April 4 this year artists will be welcomed and supported by Tony to hang their works up for the exhibition. This is now the tenth exhibition he has organised and after organising the first exhibition, he said: “It was so successful, I thought I have to do this again.”

The group’s name ‘From the Art of Salford’ “came from the phrase ‘From the Heart of Salford’, since we don’t pronounce our R’s, it means also ‘From the Art of Salford.”

art exhibition Langworthy cornerstone
Opening day of last year’s exhibition. Photo courtesy of Tony Easom.

Since the first exhibition, it has seen great success and all artists who want to be featured need to do is email Tony their information (for potential purchasers) and attend the Cornerstone on April 4 to hang their selected pieces of work.

Tony said: “We get many new artists to show their work for the first time, as you don’t need to be a professional artist to participate.”

He also highlighted: “It’s for local artists, but if anybody outside of the area wants to come and hang their work, they can.

“We tell them that for the duration of the show they become adopted Salfordians.”

The exhibition is free to attend as well as to take part in, it will open to the public from after the 4th of April, contact Tony via his email,, to participate.


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