The Glasshouse Worsley Sent by Olivia Sheeran

 Glasshouse Restaurant and Bakery in Worsley hosted its relaunch event yesterday evening following a set of renovations. 

The student led establishment reopened its doors in Worsley following reconstruction for a new interior as well as a “new venture” of a bakery opening up on the site too.

When reflecting on the reopening, restaurant manager, Tina Bowker, said: “It went amazingly, people were queuing out of the door to buy things from the shop. It was wonderful and couldn’t have gone any better.”

Differing from other restaurants in Salford, The Glasshouse Restaurant and Bakery provides varying menu’s which are curated by student teams.

Bowker added: “All the menu’s are student led, they run on student criteria.”

The team at Glasshouse Restaurant and Bakery also allow students to gain experience working across the restaurant and bakery, which goes towards their exam criteria’s at college.

The reopening was led by the students of Worsley College.

Bowker praised their efforts: “They did really well, we had ex and current students come by. Some told us about jobs they have got in varying places.”

The Glasshouse Restaurant and Bakery is open from Thursday lunch, evening and Friday lunch. The varying shifts are put to students in different stages of their course.

Due to popular demand, all future events have sold out, with Thursday evenings and Friday lunchtimes being fully booked until June.

Bowker finished her praise by adding, “Usually when someone has been once they become a regular.

“It is all about the students, We just provide them with different experiences within the (food) industry.”

You can find out more information about the restaurant on their website.


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