Winton Cricket Club Women's team Champions 2023

After an influx of new players Winton women’s cricket team is expanding to two teams.

The Winton side play in the Greater Manchester Cricket League (GMCL) and are one of the few clubs to have two teams competing.

In the competition, the players compete in a 16 over format bowling with a soft ball and a boundary radius of 30-feet.

This wasn’t always the case, though, the rules changed last season to allow for a longer game. Games only lasted eight overs and, with help from Winton’s own captain Lucille Thompson and others, the length of the matches were doubled.

“The ladies wanted to get more of a game”, said the team captain, “so we had a meeting before last season and we suggested that the girls wanted to play a bit more.

“It’s gone up to 16 overs now which is a longer game but it’s better for us, it gives us more of a challenge.”

Winton Cricket Club Women's team
Winton Cricket Club Women’s team

The team was created in May 2018 by senior player Russ Brown and first captain Claire Hope and in 2020 Lucille took over as captain.

Lucille spoke about her time as captain of Winton: “In 2023 Winton ladies grew with more numbers joining the club, we registered on the GMCL West Division and entered a few tournaments and festivals.

“It was a tough game as we were up against a competitive team, however we won by three runs in a dramatic climax to the game. We are still attracting new players young and a little older, and it is great to see some of the younger players that we are bringing through blossoming into great players.”

Throughout the 2023 season, the team only lost one game and won the league, making them the team to beat heading into the 2024 season.

Winton Cricket Club Women's team
Winton Cricket Club Women’s team

Lucille added: “I just like the fact that it gets ladies and girls more involved in the club.

“We want more to come down and play cricket, I think it’s becoming bigger and bigger all over these days. You can come training, give it a go and I think, once you’ve tried it, you will get hooked.

“We have quite a few players and every single one of them loves it, so, the more the merrier.”

You can get involved with Winton women’s cricket team by following this link here.

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