Salford Brad

Performing his first ever headline gig at The Eagle Inn, it is clear to see just why teen TikTok performer ‘Salford Brad’ has amassed over 5,000 fans online.

18-year-old Bradley Washington from Weaste has boosted his profile on the social media platform TikTok after performing covers of songs from popular bands such as Oasis and Arctic Monkeys.

His most popular video is a cover of the Stone Roses song ‘Mersey Paradise’, which has been viewed over 30 thousand times. One fan commented: “(This is the) best cover of Mersey Paradise I’ve ever seen geeza, fair play.”


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♬ original sound – Brad


After gaining a following on social media, Brad was able to get his own gig at Salford’s very own Eagle Inn.

Courtesy of SalfordBrad on Instagram

The setlist was full of classic songs such as ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ by Johnny Cash and ‘Cry Baby Cry’ by The Beatles.

Brad’s choice of these classic artists was inspired by his own grandad, who loved Johnny Cash. Brad’s grandad sadly passed away in lockdown

The set also included the iconic song ‘Live Forever’, where the whole audience sang along with him, creating an amazing atmosphere of unity in the venue.

Although this cover has been played by millions before – no one seems to be doing it quite like Brad.

Salford Brad – image courtesy of BlackParkaEvents on Instagram


As well as covers, Brad managed to debut his own song ‘Don’t Care’. The song itself held resemblance to The Stone Roses and a sense of that classic ‘Madchester’ sound.

Even with this resemblance, there was still a sense of his own raw originality and ability to perform as an acoustic solo.

Here is a clip of the song below:



After his performance I managed to catch up with him and ask him a few questions, just to learn a bit more about his aspirations and just how he came to be on TikTok.


Q: How did you first get the idea to post on TikTok?

A: “I just downloaded it out of nowhere, right, and I just thought well I can post a video. That was when I was bad at playing guitar. After that I just started getting more likes n’ that.”


Q: Do you enjoy posting on TikTok?

A: “Yeh, yeh I like singing some covers and posting them.”


Q: How long have you been playing guitar for?

A: “Since lockdown, only a few years ago. I’m self taught as well, just learnt from videos and all that.”


Q: Obviously this is quite impressive for a first headline gig, but where would be your dream place to play?

A: “My dream place to play would probably be Buile Hill Park.”


It is clear to see that Brad is proud of his Salford roots, placing Salford within his stage name as well as having aspirations to play at Salford’s very own Buile Hill Park.

Buile Hill Park, Salford

His original song, debuted at The Eagle Inn and is being recorded just next month in the hopes of releasing it soon.

Brad is also performing another concert soon at Weaste and Seedley Social Club, on Saturday March 16.


Salford Brad
Taken from Weaste and Seedley’s Social Club’s Facebook page

Find out more information about it here.

Here is a link to the Salford Brad TikTok page:



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