Dr McKelvey, special guest at The Tatton for Beans, Bacon, Bananas eventn Salford ex-GP

Dr McKelvey, Salford GP via YouTube 

Ex-Salford GP and protester Dr. David McKelvey is a guest speaker at an environmental awareness workshop ‘Beans, Bacon or Bananas?’ at The Tatton in Ordsall this weekend.

Dr. McKelvey is a retired Salford GP who blocked a central London bridge during a climate change protest but was acquitted in court. He was one of seven doctors and nurses charged for their part in a blockade of Lambeth Bridge in April 2022.

Dr. McKelvey, who is part of the Health for Extinction Rebellion group, will speak at workshop taking place on Saturday March 2 from 2pm-5pm.

He retired from Ordsall Health Surgery a month prior after 18 years at the practice. The local doctor has a connection with one of the trustees at The Tatton.

Organiser of the event, Nosheela Rashid spoke about the purpose of the event: “It’s about being more sustainable, how we can think about how were eating, how we can eat more healthy and how we can think about the environment.”

“We’ve got a community allotment at The Tatten. It’s bringing together the ideas of grow your own, eating seasonally and eating more healthy and incorporating more vegetables into your food and also thinking about how eating animals has an impact on the environment.” She continued.

The event will include interactive elements such as vegan food testing, quizzes and learning about how to live a more sustainable life.

Nosheela added: “It’s definitely looking at raising awareness and speaking to people in the Ordsall and Salford area and looking at if there is an appetite in developing more projects around being or having a more sustainable lifestyle.”

“This is the first event and a fact-finding event and what people’s thoughts are and where this can take us. At The Tatton were thinking about our carbon footprint”

Below are words from Nosheela about the event.

“This is the initial drop-in workshop were doing. Very informal, about having a chat and having some vegan side. We’re going to do that through interactive stuff through quizzes and tasting some food and learning about ultra-processed food.”

For further information on the event you can contact Nosheela on 01618726011.

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