Plans have been submitted to build 42 new affordable homes in Eccles.

The apartment blocks would be built on Reginald Street, west of the M60 outer ring road, after the planned demolition of garages on the road.

All facilities will be at a social rent, which the government defines as at least 20% below local market rents

19 of the planned 42 apartments will be one-bedroom and the remaining 23 will be two-bedroom.

The development will include open space for car and cycle parking.

The site currently contains several garages and borders allotments and a slip road for the M60.

Photo taken from google maps

The site has to be considered for the Manchester Airport and Barton Aerodrome consultation zones. Planning documents indicate the building’s height will be around 35m and consist of five storeys.

Reasons for the consultation zone also include the building’s likelihood to attract birds and Manchester Airport’s wind turbine development.

These plans come only two weeks after the announcement of a further 32 new homes to be built in Irlam.

The scheme could be completed within two years of receiving planning permission.

The target decision date put in place is the 27th of May 2024.


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