Salford Survivors Project has revealed that Love Island runner-up Callum Jones raised funds for the charity in honour of his best friend, Paul Kavanagh.

Callum Jones is 27 years old and was born in Salford. He is a former scaffolder but then made his first appearance on the ITV show Love Island on Series 5 in 2019. However, he has recently made a return in the 2024 winter series, Love Island All Stars.

Love Island All Stars consisted of some of the well known Love Islanders making a come back to give the show a second chance. Callum, managed to get to the final of the show and end up in second place alongside his partner, Jessica Gale.

Salford Survivors Project’s aim is to support anyone suffering from, or affected by domestic and family abuse.

Jane Gregory. CEO of Salford Survivors Project

Salford Survivors Project says Callum has always been a great support to the charity.

CEO Jane Gregory said: “We have a second part to our charity which is about supporting mental health. This is Paul’s legacy.”

Paul Kavanagh died on February 12 2021. He was a 25-year-old aircraftman who was struggling with his mental health. Since his death, the charity has been encouraging people to speak out about their mental health in memory of Paul.

“Callum was one of Paul’s best friends, he grew up with him. I have known Callum for years,” Jane said.

“It affected all of the boys in their friendship group massively. So, Callum was really supportive of us raising awareness and funds for Salford Survivors to continue to the work with mental health on the back of Paul’s death.”

Callum Jones and Paul Kavanagh at their prom. Oasis Academy School

The project had a fundraising day, Callum played a part in organising all of this. He arranged the football tournament as well as getting the team together. Salford Survivors ended up raising a large amount of money for their causes.

“We raised over £11,000 for the funeral and to help survivors of abuse,” Jane added.

Speaking about Callum’s journey on the show, Jane added: “I think he has presented himself well in the show. Callum was open, he was honest, there was no abuse from him. No jealousy or anger.”

In the All Stars series, Callum’s ex girlfriend of three years, Molly Smith, came back onto the show as well as him.

“He was a prime example of how you should handle a relationship and the breaking up of a relationship.”

Finally Jane added: “If there is anything I can say, is that he just represented, how a man should behave. He has supported us to help many people that have been through trauma and that are suffering through mental health.

“We are very proud of him.”

Salford Survivors Project

To get in contact with Salford Survivors Project, call, 0161 706 0468  seven days a week from 10am to 10pm.

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