Planning applications have been submitted to transform empty railway arches in Salford into shops, restaurants and even a microbrewery. 

If approved, the plans would see the eight railway arches on Norton Street in the Greengate area of Salford turn into “vibrant” new spaces.

The plan is linked to a separate application by the same developer who wants to transform the arches, PL North Bridge. They plan to build a 41-storey apartment block next to the arches, creating 568 new “co-living units” in the neighbourhood.

However the commercial use of the arches would not be able to commence until the construction of the co-living building has been completed. Therefore it could take up to two years before the arches are occupied by the proposed commercial uses.

This application therefore seeks a flexible planning permission that allows for a range of uses within the arches. This will allow any permission granted to be able to respond to the changing market.

The planning statement claims that the railway arches are in a “poor condition” as the mismatching entrances are having a “negative” impact on the character of the area.

The developer is hoping the plans will draw people to the site from other areas of Greater Manchester to enjoy the range of food and drinks spaces on offer.

So far, there has been one objection to the plans on the Salford City Council’s planning portal.

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