Salford City Council is planning to sell a patch of land for a new 26-storey apartment block.

The patch of land close to Trinity Way (near the Greengate area of the city) could be sold to Trinity 2 Limited. Trinity 2 Ltd, which counts the construction companies Salboy and Domis, won approval for the £53m-flat scheme last year.

Domis owns an area of the land next to the Audacious Church, and is aiming to take over the remaining land so it can move forward with the flat-scheme named Obsidian.

In return for the council selling the land, they will receive a capital letter receipt plus a plot of land which is currently being used as a car park. The car park is situated close to the developer’s Fifty5ive scheme north of Blackfriars Road.

The council is also looking to “explore proposals for potential future development at the site”, when or if the deal is completed. An options appraisal will also be carried out to assess the site’s potential.

A Salford City Council spokesperson said: “Councillors will decide as to whether to move forwards with plans to sell some land, and also buy land in Central Salford. The transactions,  if approved, will rationalise ownerships in the area and pave the way for future developments at both sites. Prior to any future development the Queen Street at Greengate will remain as a car park.

“The proposals are detailed in the written report which Councillors will consider at Property & Regeneration Briefing on the 12 February.”

To see the plans for the 26-storey apartment block click here.

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