One of the killers of transgender girl Brianna Ghey was held at a secure care home in Salford before the trial.

Eddie Ratcliffe, along with Scarlett Jenkinson, stabbed Brianna Ghey to death on 11 February, 2023. Ratcliffe was held at Barton Moss secure care home following his arrest for the murder last year.

Ratcliffe and Jenkinson, both 16, carried out the “disturbing” plan to murder Brianna, 16, in a “frenzied and ferocious” knife attack and have been jailed for life with minimum terms of 20 and 22 years respectively before parole.

Transgender schoolgirl Brianna was stabbed with a hunting knife 28 times in her head, neck, chest and back after being lured to Linear Park, Culcheth, a village near Warrington, Cheshire.

Brianna, who had been seen sitting on a bench, was suddenly attacked, possibly initially from behind, with Ratcliffe’s 13cm hunting knife.

Detectives found the murder weapon with Brianna’s blood on the blade in Ratcliffe’s bedroom, along with heavily blood-stained clothing and trainers.

Jenkinson told Ratcliffe she wanted to stab Brianna “jus coz its fun lol… I want to see the pure horror on her face and hear her scream”.

Messages on their phones detailed their fascination with murder, torture and death, plans to kill other children and an earlier attempt to poison Brianna with an overdose.

Ratcliffe said he played along or treated it all as a joke and never wanted to harm anyone.

Ratcliffe, diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and who is non-verbal, and Jenkinson, diagnosed with traits of autism and ADHD, both faced a mandatory life sentence for murder.

Detectives believe Brianna was killed because she was vulnerable and accessible, with her death not a hate crime but done for “enjoyment” and a “thirst for killing”.

The gruesome murder of the transgender teenager in a public park prompted candlelit vigils worldwide protesting against perceived transphobia.

Scarlett Jenkinson is currently held in Adel Beck, a modern £12 million secure children’s home in Leeds.

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