Salfordians have shared their sympathies for King Charles following the shock news that he has been diagnosed with cancer. 

The form of cancer is yet to be confirmed to the public and a statement from Buckingham Palace said it was discovered when he was having treatment for an enlarged prostate.

Shoppers at Salford Precinct offered their support to the monarch whose coronation was only nine months ago.

Cath, 66, said: “It’s sad really, he has not been on the throne long at all.”

Eileen, 80, said: “It’s good they found it, and it is good they put it out (a statement) that he was having treatment, I am glad they found it.”

Pete, 75, added: “I am very sorry to hear the news, but I am fed up hearing about it, because a lot of other people have cancer too.”

King Charles has visited Salford and Greater Manchester a number of times throughout the years:

In 2013, the then Prince Charles and his wife Camilla visited the iconic Salford Lads Club. During their visit the Royal couple met with groups involved in their communities as well as launching a Youth United programme, click image below to see video clip.

In 2007, His Majesty visited Salford Quays at Europe’s largest skills festival, when he enjoyed future technology efforts, including early forms of the segway.

In 1996 he visited Salford Foyer which was run by the North British Housing Association.

Cancer charities have welcomed the King’s openness in sharing his diagnosis.

Chief Executive of Cancer Research UK, Michelle Mitchell, said: “On behalf of Cancer Research UK, we extend our thoughts and well wishes to the King and the Royal Family at this difficult time.

“Unfortunately, almost one in two of us will get cancer in our lifetime.

“If you have noticed any symptoms that are unusual for you, get in touch with your GP. It probably won’t be cancer. But if it is, spotting it at an early stage means that treatment is more likely to be successful.”

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