Today is the 94th birthday of Barton Aerodrome, a significant landmark in Salford history.

The airport founded in 1930 has seen many faces and events over the past 94 years and remains a celebrated airport in the UK.

Across 80 acres of land, the airport has three buildings with a history of their own, including the control tower which is believed to be the longest operating one in Europe.

The aerodrome is even home to two North West ambulance air services as well as National Police air services.

There are a number of events that take place at the aerodrome including flying lessons, tours and even music festivals.

Barton Aerodrome Hanger

Tracy Williams, the business development manager of Barton Aerodrome has worked there for 29 years and is not leaving anytime soon.

Tracy added: “I genuinely love my job or I wouldn’t have stayed for 29 years”.

Tracy has had a number of experiences working at the 94-year-old airport and has been promoted to a number of positions whilst working there.

The aerodrome used to hold air shows and similar events to attract a wider population but since the devastating Shoreham crash the airport is no longer allowed to perform these.

Instead they have taken an alternative route with them hosting a JBM music presents festival in July and a car boot sale every Saturday morning.

Tracy is encouraging more people to visit the aerodrome since parking and visitation is free.

“We do this as we want to open up to a wider community and show people what they’ve got on their doorstep”

Barton Aerodrome

In addition to the countless events the aerodrome hosts it is also quite used to seeing celebrities.

Tracy stated that she has seen a number of faces including footballers, Kasabian, Liam Gallagher and even the Prince and Princess of Wales.

One of Tracy’s most memorable encounters was meeting Queen Consort Camilla who she met before her coronation.

“I made her a cup of tea!” added Tracy.

The aerodrome is a historical landmark that is appreciated by a large community specifically the ‘Friends of Barton Aerodrome’.

This society outlines historical facts about the landmark as well as an archive of pictures from over the years.

To visit the Barton Aerodrome Website click here

To visit the Friends of Barton Aerodrome click here

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