A Monton-based choir group are calling for more people in Salford to join their “family”.

The choir, based at Monton Green Hall in front of the church, have a range of Salfordian members as well as Mancunian but they are still looking for more.

Expanding their choir, named Mancunian Singers, is an urgent aim for the group as new members have the option to join in the near spring.

Current chairman Christine Gibson, said, “Our size makes us feel like a family.”

Founded in 1967, By Gordon Roberts, the group began in competition with male voice choirs in a Welsh choir competitions, in which they were successful.

Gibson commented: “The win was great, but the camaraderie was even better.

“We are more than just shared notes, it’s a shared spirit.”

Gibson continued: “We are proud of our history, and excited for our future.”

The singers are full of experienced members who have been involved since 1967 (the groups founding year).They are covering a vast range of songs from Mozart to Meatloaf, ABBA to Vivaldi, the choir has got a song for everyone to enjoy.

Specifically, Mancunian Singers are seeking a new pianist and singers particularly interested in Sopranos, Alto’s and tenors.

Secretary, Harry Muskett, said: “We want to do concerts in the area, but feel we need to expand to do this.”

The performance’s are versatile and vary from the typical stand and deliver format. Choreography and theatrical flair are getting mixed into their performances.

Gibson added: “We want to keep our audience guessing on what’s next.”

The groups public performances will be published on their social media pages and new website which is currently under construction.

The Monton-based singers can also be found on Facebook and Instagram.



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