A playwright has recently praised The Kings Arms in Salford for being a “lifeline” for independent artists.

After not much luck, Playwright Chris Leicester is extremely grateful to be bringing his play ‘180⁰ Chord’ to a Manchester-based audience at The Kings Arms on Bloom Street.

Chris (65) said: “Although I’m an established playwright, it can be quite difficult to get a gig in Manchester.

“I don’t know why it’s so difficult but it is, so the people at The Kings Arms are a lifeline.”

Image of playwright Chris Leicester.

Chris added: “It’s a tough old world out there, especially for new writers. The Kings Arms they sort of get it, they get where people are coming from. 

“It’s got a very good vibe and I would say that’s down to the people, they support the arts, they’re always full and they’ve been very kind to me.

“So the Kings Arms in Salford is a really good entry point.”

His play ‘180⁰ Chord’ follows one man’s journey from being a “ruthless but effective” detective sergeant to an inmate in prison. The sergeant in fact ends up “in the very same prison with a lot of people he’s convicted.”

Speaking on the play, Chris added: “I love the challenges that life gives us and I love how sometimes life can switch back. 

“Give a bit of respect and be a bit humble because you’re never quite sure on the big wheel of life. If you can be arrogant and unpleasant to somebody you never know what’s going to happen to you.”

The promotional image for the play 180⁰ Chord.

The cast includes “cracking actors” such as Paul Findlay and Vincent Fox who will perform at The Kings Arms on February 2.

For more information and tickets click here.

The featured image is taken by Peter Hughes, Flickr.


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