Chatsworth High School in Eccles hosted a successful market on Saturday to raise money for important equipment for the school.

The school and community college are for children with special needs, so the school needs the money for the equipment to aid in helping the students.

Shannen Naylor who is one of the organisers of the markets said: “We needed to raise money from hosting these Christmas markets for our students at the school and community college.

“They are children with learning difficulties, so we needed some special equipment for them. This includes communication devices and an accessible minibus.

“We hosted the markets at Chatsworth High school so all of our students could come and get involved with it, as it is a familiar place to them and it is accessible for all of them as we are aware that the needs of some of our students is different to others.


“Some of the students even made items for our market stalls!

“Santa and his grotto was also available for people to go and meet and take pictures with him.”

There was lots of fun activities for everyone to get involved in which included: tombola, lucky dip, pin the nose on Rudolph, food and drink, crochet, clothes and accessories. There was also hand made brownies that came straight from our kitchen staff.

Shannen added: “We had an eco arts lady who showed our students how to make tote bags and cups.

“There was also smaller external stall holders that we welcomed for the first time this year. We introduced them to all of our students so they could interact with the community around them.

permission given by Shannen Naylor


“There was also a band that played instruments such as trumpets and trombones. One of our staff members was in fact part of the band. It was called Farnworth and Walkden brass band, that played lots of good songs.”

The market is a yearly occurrence, with this years one being bigger and better due to the extra stalls that were welcomed onto the school.

The different stalls made the market a success and the school will invest the money back into their school in order to help the students.

The school is also hosting a Christmas raffle. Tickets can be bought till Tuesday 12th December, where people can win vouchers for many different retailors and many other prizes such as a massage, driving lessons, chill factor tickets, a Manchester United signed football and much more.

All the money raised will also go to helping the school and its special needs students.

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