The Peel Campus building at the University of Salford will play host to a live stream of the 2023 Royal Institute Christmas Lectures about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The Royal Institute has designated several institutions across the country as live stream venues, with Salford playing host to a stream on Tuesday December 12.

Doors will open an hour before the livestream starts at 6pm, with talks taking place prior to the broadcast of the lecture in London.

This is the first year where the lectures are available to watch outside of London before they are broadcast on the BBC at the end of December.

Professor Andy Niah (Image rights granted by subject)

Professor Andy Miah, Chair in Science Communication and Future Media at the University of Salford, believes the diversification of the Christmas Lectures is a “no brainer”, especially in Greater Manchester.

“They are part of their attempt to bring the lectures out to a wider audience and so we have agreed to be a livestream venue.”

Prof Miah likens it to going to the cinema to watch an opera or to a big screen for World Cup football, but for science.

Being live also allows for a behind the scenes insight for the lecture to those outside of the lecture hall in London, something Prof Miah thinks is good as well to let those watching of a younger age see how these “amazing lecturers” can make mistakes.

He said: “It makes it more human and I think allows people to see that everyone is not immediately successful.

“It also demystifies a bit of the science as well so people can feel it’s more accessible for them.”

Prof Miah is also doing a talk in York on Thursday December 15, before the National STEM Learning Centre broadcasts the lecture that night.

He intends for that talk to be for a secondary school age audience, feeling it would be good for him to talk about how AI already influences the lives of people that age.

“Artificial Intelligence is being built into some of the platforms they are using and to talk about how they are being used creatively.”

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