A Swinton parent has shared that she thinks the new increase in the national living wage is a “disappointment”.

Since Chancellor Jeremy Hunt revealed the increase plan, views on the raise have not all been positive.

Sarah Khan, a 25-year-old mum, shared that the £12 increase is “not nearly enough” compared to the high cost of living expenses.

As well as this Mrs Khan mentioned the struggles of “keeping up” with monthly fundraisers held in her daughter’s school, to help tackle the financial crisis in Salford.

With the excessive cost of living cases rising, she feels that much higher pay rates are needed.

Credit: NHS Confederation

Mrs Khan said: “Although it’s great to help out the community and take part, it’s not fair on our children to be putting things together (for donations) when their own homes are struggling with the same issues.

“If our wages were to be increased we wouldn’t have these difficulties in the first place.”

Similarly to Mrs Khan, many young part-time students are struggling to come to terms with the small increase in wage.

Salford University student Eleanor said: “My work won’t even make the increase because it’s only minimum wage, so I’m still stuck with the same pay rate.”

She also pointed out her difficulties in being able to pay for basic necessities.

Eleanor has to use the services the university provides “to get financial help” and it often affects her “bad mental health”.

Whereas most Salfordians disagree with the new plan and wish for an even higher increase, there are some, such as Katie, a 23-year-old teacher at Swinton Academy, who feels the plan is heading in the “right direction”.

Katie said: “I think it’s not so much about taxing the rich more and I think it’s about balancing out.

“I don’t think we should be a system that relies on benefits anymore because then there’s no money for those who truly need it.”

She feels that slowly but surely the Government will start increasing the pay rates to match those with “richer paying jobs”.

The national living wage will vary depending on the age of each employee and may be up for an update in April every year.

According to the Living Wage Foundation the minimum wage will increase up to £12 in Salford and elsewhere in the UK, and £13 in London from April 2024.

From April 1 2024 the rates will rise to:

  • Over 23-year-olds: £11.44 an hour from £10.42
  • 21–22-year-olds: £11.44 an hour from £10.18
  • 18–20-year-olds: £8.60 an hour from £7.49
  • Under 18-year-olds: £6.40 an hour from £5.28

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