The doorway of Salford Lads’ club is arguably the most iconic landmark in the city. Immortalized by the Smiths through their 1986 album “The Queen Is Dead”.

The inside sleeve depicts the four members of the band stood in front of the building and has made the site something of a pilgrimage for die-hard smiths fans, with people coming from all over the world to get their photos taken in the same spot as the iconic quartet. Even the mayor of Salford couldn’t resist!

Image credit: Salford Council

The iconic building is currently celebrating its 120th birthday after being initially established in 1903.

To celebrate this landmark the club, now called the Salford Lads’ and girls’ club, has teamed up with Salford based brewers Seven Bro7hers to release a limited edition beer-can that showcases the green and orange front of the renowned structure.

The artwork on this can, which appears on the brewery’s crisp Helles Lager, was created by seventeen year old Jess Eckersley. The granddaughter of club member and volunteer Archie swift, who sadly passed away in April 2023.

The cans are currently only available from the club’s shop, along with fridge magnets and coasters matching the design. Sales from this will mean the organization can “continue to build on their legacy while celebrating their members and volunteers.”

The connection between the brewers and the historic club is more than just a shared city. The father, and inspiration behind the seven brothers who formed this company Eric McAvoy, was a member of the club, along with the sixth of the brothers.

The cans are limited edition though, so if you want to own a piece of Salford heritage then make sure you head down there soon to purchase one and help out this community landmark.


Featured image credit: @Salfordladsclub

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