Salford Lads Club has collaborated with Salford-based brewery Seven Brothers to celebrate its 120th birthday.

The collaboration presents a new design for cans of the brewery’s Helles Lager, now displaying an image of the iconic front doors of the building. The image was created by Jess Eckersley, a 17-year-old student whose grandfather was Archie Swift, a member of the club for 76 years who died in April this year at the age of 88.

The new can design by Jess Eckersley (Salford Lads Club on X)

Having joined the club at age 12 in 1946, Swift ran both rugby and football teams for the club and was made an MBE in 2006 for his work in the community.

Salford Lads Club was established in 1903 and has provided its facilities to young people during that time. The club opened officially to girls in 1994 and is still an active youth club today. In the early days of the club, it was one of 21 Manchester clubs that aimed to provide positive alternatives to teenage street gangs. The founders of Seven Brothers have ties to the club themselves – one of the brothers, Kit McAvoy, was a member, as was their father Eric.

Th club itself became well known in music and popular culture as a result of a photo taken of The Smiths outside the club by Stephen Wright in 1987. This has made the building iconic and recognisable to people from all around the globe.

The cans themselves are limited edition and only available to buy from Salford Lads Club.

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