Brussel Sprouts might possibly be the worst Christmas tradition. We’ve all either politely eaten them or they’ve gone straight in the bin.

An environmentalist based in Salford wants all of us to consider food waste when planning our Christmas season.

Salford environmentalist, Rosemary Murphy, said: “Why buy 500 sprouts if no one in your family likes them? Buy a small packet and cook them differently.

“No one likes Brussel sprouts because of the way they are cooked, everyone boils them within an inch of their life and they taste disgusting. Try frying them in a nut also try buying a smaller amount.”

Rosemary Anthony tries her best to include day to day activities in a more environmental way, one of them being the use of bars of soap instead of the typical plastic bottles of shower gel.

And in the lead up to Christmas she shared some of her top tips:

“You don’t have to do anything special but just start. You can find recyclable Sellotape and wrapping paper it’s not really much effort.

“But actually it will have a big impact if we are recycling paper rather than things with lots of glitter on or and sequins, which might end up in landfill and contributing to the methane issue.”

Rosemary went onto emphasise: “Plan ahead, not only will you be helping with waste contribution but also you’re going to save money in the long run.

“Be mindful when it comes to what it is you are recycling, if it is a cup of coffee and you haven’t finished it, remember liquids can’t go in the recycling bin.”

With all of these issues, it can be confusing for some with Rosemary stressing the importance: “When it comes to these sorts of things you’re not just an individual it’s fairly simple if you make a change then the people around you will be inspired to change too.”

She also shared her thought on the relationship we have with consumerism: “If you make a change and it’s actually fairly simple, then your next door neighbour, or your flat mate, will see you doing it.

“So start with those easy things, because if you start with something that’s too hard, then you know you’re setting yourself up to fail.”

So save yourself the awkward sprouts conversation this year and maybe advise them not to be bought this year after all you will be helping contribute to a more sustainable Christmas.

Featured image taken from Flickr , Marco Verch.

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