Actors from A-Peel drama group are performing Aladdin the pantomime at St Paul’s Peel Parish Community Hall throughout the weekends in January.

The drama group offers lessons for the local community with their doors open to anyone who has an interest in theatre.

Connor Parkinson and Jake Little are co-directing their first play together after being hired on short notice.

Last year, Connor won the award for best pantomime edition of Cinderella in Bolton, sweeping away the competition. His return to the stage in Little Hulton promises a good time for an audience of all ages.

Aladdin poster, credit A-Peel drama group

Jake said: “The first panto I was in I was five, you’ve (Connor) been doing them about 13 years. Connor directed one and I was heavily involved last year in Cinderella.

“We did the auditions and catered the script to individual actors which made the directing of the show a lot easier but the writing of the show a lot harder.

“I love a good panto, I think they’re made for all year round.”

Connor continued: “We were asked to come and direct because A-Peel isn’t our usual theatre but they’d seen the type of shows we’d done before and they asked if we’d be interested to help them.

“It was so much fun to do, it was so worth it. I don’t think I’d ever want to do a panto without writing the script.”

The two met working at a panto in Bolton a couple of years ago and bonded over their love for theatre and performing.

Together they make a well-rounded team who both offer different segments to a must-see panto.

Connor said: “Me and Jake are very different. Jake’s very big on traditional aspects of panto so a lot of traditional songs. Whereas, I make it more catered to the audience and make it more joke centered and fun for the kids, while Jake is more heavy on the visual aspects of things so I think that’s why we work really well together.”

The show is different to many others as Jake said: “We have a magic carpet as a character in our show, we’ve brought the magic carpet to life.”

With many unexpected twists and tricks up their sleeve, the duo aim to bring home some awards to Salford.

Salfordians also make up the cast, with a varied age range and many stand-out performances.

Connor added: “There’s a lot of people as soon as they come on stage you can’t take your eyes off them even if they’re in a  crowd full of people.”

Founded in 2012, A-Peel drama group provides the opportunity for local people in Little Hulton and the surrounding areas a chance to develop stage skills and experience.

They offer many opportunities such as: directing, acting, operating a lighting or sound desk, writing and set building.

A chance for all to dig in to the creative world and enjoy a constructive place of education and work.

Jake said: “With A-Peel they’re very inclusive, they want everyone there, with them they want to put on drama with anyone who wants to be involved.”

Connor added: “They do focus a lot on working with anyone and everyone who has a love for drama.”

Tickets are available to purchase here: APeel Drama Group event tickets from TicketSource.


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