Dale Williams, a local hero who works at Salford Community Leisure, recently ran 66.49km in aid of extra funding for the leisure group.

Following a recent surgery, Dale Williams was left unable to take part in any sports and stay active, despite this, Williams decided to try running in order to beat the odds.

He said: “I took up running in May, I had knee surgery (last year), it was ACL and meniscus reconstruction.

“It put me on a downer.”

On the road to recovery, Dale began doing shorter runs, with his first being 3.6km. On reflection, he added: “I was tired, and I thought I am better than this.”

Photo permission given by Dale Williams.

Dale began to do daily 5km runs shortly after surgery, to challenge himself and get back to his active state pre-surgery. In doing this he noticed the differences physically and mentally in a positive way.

Williams said the defining moments to his efforts was a run to his fathers which was 11.7km, as he did not struggle in this run.

He added: “I wanted to see how far I could push myself (following his knee surgery).”

The inspiration behind the run came from a morning meeting at his work (Salford Community Leisure).

A meeting was for additional funding ideas, which a run to Blackpool was in the back of his mind, as he had not heard of anyone who had done this before.

Williams adds: “We are a charity in ourselves (Salford Leisure Community) we were looking at new funding ideas.”

The team for the run consisted of Dale, two cyclist and people in a car close by too. Overall the route was 66.49 km which took 7 hours and 38 minutes.

He comments “Once I am in the mindset of doing something I am just going to go out and get it done.”

Dale has raised £815 so far through a GoFundMe page, which donations can be made to here.

The funding will go towards improvements across Salford Community Leisure, specifically to help generate and enhance sessions the organisation put on.

“We need the funding as much as anyone,” William added.

“If we can get to a thousand pounds that would be absolutely massive.

“I have bigger plans for the future.

“Mentally I am in a better place, I have been more focused. I have gained confidence.”

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