Brew Tang before they had to close down

The ‘hip-hop’ coffee shop Brew Tang is moving out of its Salford base into Manchester due to a lack of customers.

Brew Tang opened its doors on Chapel Street in February 2020 just as the Covid pandemic and subsequent lockdowns disrupted business across the country.

Aidan Dewhurst, one of the owners of Brew Tang, said: “The area itself is quite an up-and-coming area, but at the moment it’s just not worth the risk.

“In Salford, it’s still an area where there’s still not that many there. People walk into town, which is why committing to a unit there is not worth it really.”

The coffee shop aimed to fuse music and the local artist scene as the venue and put on gigs with them. In Aidan’s opinion, he claims there is a lack of demand for edgy, cultural bars in Salford like his, as most people just head straight to Manchester.

Aidan claims: “I don’t think anyone really cares anymore about music, art or culture. It’s just ‘build stuff and sell apartments’.”

Bexley Square, the former location of Brew Tang

Recently, Salford council received funds to help support arts projects such as this. The funding is up to £2.24million and it’s in place to aid the arts and cultural projects.

In this audio clip, Aidan discusses what he aims to do with the project of Brew Tang.


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