The Eagle Inn may just look like your stereotypical, old school Edwardian red brick pub, however, Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham would argue that the venue is so much more.

By World Economic Forum / Faruk Pinjo – Flickr

The Mayor has recently spoken about the “exciting” local venue on Collier Street in his foreword for the book Manchester’s Best Beer Pubs And Bars.

Mayor Burnham said: ‘’The Eagle Inn in Salford, for example, is a classic traditional red brick worker’s pub and, yet, whilst keeping all its charm has been reinvented as one of the most exciting small venues in the city-region.”


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On the boarder of Salford and Manchester, this Award winning pub has found the ability to attract a diverse crowd and keep up with the current up to date music trends.

Finn the supervisor, who has worked at the Eagle inn for two years, had a lot say on the Eagle Inn and the current closures of music venues across the UK.

Finn added: “The fact it’s a converted Victorian house. It’s a unique space and it sounds good, we put good stuff on for people.

“If you’re up and coming into the music scene, financially where it would cost a lot more and your worried about selling your tickets, it’s not necessarily difficult to do here if you’re just starting out, you can take less risk.’’


Despite people singing their praises over music venues such as the Eagle Inn, music venues are in threat of closure across the UK. More than three in twenty grassroots music venues have closed across the UK – according to industry body.

When asked on issues around Brexit and grassroot venues Andy Burnham told NME: “The government must not take this industry for granted.’’

The UK is notorious for it love for music and growth of small independent artists, in which they all started from music venues like the Eagle Inn.

Music Venues trust have reached out to the government for help after the closing of 125 venues in the past 12 months. They have requested the idea to Jeremy Hunt to extend the tax relief for independent venues. Whether the government is going to give the music community a helping hand remains to be seen.

Nevertheless the little boozer located in a back street in Salford will continue to spread soul and culture to the community.

Featured image taken by Peter James, Wikimedia.

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