Alex Murphy beats Brayan Mairena at Bowelers Exhibition Centre. Image credit: Piotr Piechura

Alex Murphy beats Brayan Mairena at Bowlers Exhibition Centre. Image credit: Piotr Piechura

Nine years after his first amateur win, Salford boxer Alex Murphy wins to go 10-0-0 in his professional career.

He beat Nicaragua’s Brayan Mairena 60-54 on Friday November 24 points at Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Stretford.

Alex is Salford born and raised – he’s lived here all 22 years of his life, and lives just a short walk away from the gym. He first got into boxing  at eight years old, and joined Eccles Boxing School at 10. He’s been there ever since.

The gym is located on Legh Street in Eccles, on the top floor of the Bridgewater Mill.

Alex describes the boxing school as his ‘second home’, and he gives much praise to his boxing coach and the owner of the gym, Brian Garaner, who he describes as a ‘father figure’.

During his amateur career, Alex went through a rough patch, after conceding eight losses in a row against some very talented fighters. As Alex explains, this would have stopped a lot of young fighters in their tracks, but he was determined to bounce back from this, as he has done with his flawless performance so far in his professional career.

“I think this just shows my resilience. I always say to the kids and amateurs now at the gym, “I lost eight on the bounce, and look where I am now,”‘ said Alex.

“You learn from your losses,” he added.

Alex is expecting to be fighting again some time in February. You can expect to see him walk out to Sweet Caroline.

“I love how it gets the crowd going. It’s been my song since the amateurs, and it will continue to be my song – maybe forever,” he said.

“I am a friendly person. I like to spread positivity, generally but in the boxing ring I’m completely different. I’m not sharing any positivity, especially with my opponent.”

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