A Boothstown pub is offering a free meal for people who may be considered vulnerable and lonely people this Christmas.

The Moorings announced that they will be offering a table for a select few people who would otherwise spend Christmas at home alone.

The Moorings will select a number of people who will qualify for the meal which is usually set at a price per person of around £50 for a 4 course meal.

A statement from the pub on Facebook said: “Christmas time is not the time to be alone nor is it a time to be sad. This year we will put aside a table for a few people that otherwise would be spending the day on their own.”

The post has been met with much online praise with people getting in touch to highlight local care homes and others who could benefit.

When asked what inspired him to do this Nick Wells, the owner, stated: “It’s not about the money its about the people… we’re looking for individuals who are maybe lonely during Christmas time”.

The pub which prides itself on being a ‘family pub’ are planning on a number of fundraisers and acts of kindness towards the local community.

These include a Macmillan Cancer fundraiser offering people the chance to dress up their dogs in Christmas outfits and have some professional photography done with all proceeds going to charity.

Nick added: “We just love Christmas, we’ve got a family ourselves and we work every Christmas Day and we want to give people the chance to not be alone.

“We don’t want that to happen, we have the space and the facilities to accommodate them.”

Nick and his wife Katherine Wells took over the pub just 10 days ago but already are looking to give back to the local community and reconnect with them as the new owners of the Mooring.

Having celebrated its 30 year anniversary last Sunday. The new owners are looking ahead a busy Christmas Day rush and yet still want to give back to those who are unfortunate enough to spend Christmas alone.

If you know anyone who could benefit from this over the Christmas period please get in touch with the pub on their Facebook page below, or give them a call on +44 0161 703 8895. 

Mooring Pub Facebook

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