Frustrated news reporter character and satirical tour-de-force Jonathan Pie is set to come to The Lowry in the new year.

His new ‘Heroes & Villians’ show will take place at The Lowry on Sunday January 28 and Sunday March 3.

In the show the “motormouth news reporter” will be gasping for breath once more, as he takes to audiences up and down the land with his “weapons grade takedowns” of the people in charge of the nation.

Image given in press release.

The man who plays Jonathan Pie, Tom Walker said: “In this show Pie has reached a crossroads where he has to confront some of his own failings.

“Which sound very grand but, essentially, I think he’s beginning to realise that he might be a bit of a d**k.”

When asked what state Jonathon is in for the show, Tom replied: “Well, having been fired, Pie is back at the BBC. With a recent (cough) restructure at the top of BBC News, he’s managed to wangle his way back into his old job.”

“Pie has spent most of his professional life under the Tories…so I think he’ll be looking back at the last decade of chaos. But Pie is also facing some moral questions of his own. Is he really the rabid leftie that he thought he was? Now he’s hit middle age, he’s not so sure.”

The show is to set to feature at the Apollo in London, when asked about this Tom said: “It’s big. It’s very big…but what I love about the Apollo is that it feels oddly intimate. That might sound odd.

“I saw a comedian there recently and I was right near the back and I was surprised how involved in the show I felt. I didn’t feel like I was missing any of the performance.”

To see the boisterous Jonathan Pie at The Lowry click here.

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