Salford City College has created 12 silhouettes in Swinton’s memorial garden to remember “the fallen ahead.”

The silhouettes represent both men and women who have lost their lives and are placed at the Salford Veterans Memorial Garden on Chorley Road in Swinton. The Groundworks team from Salford City Council kindly helped to install the figures.

The installations have been fitted in place ahead of remembrance services taking place across Salford during the weekend.

110 plaques also sit on the wall at the memorial and represent men who served in HM Armed Forces or the Merchant Navy. The memorial wall has given families the opportunity to buy a small aluminium plaque for £50, this includes a donation towards the memorial garden project. The memorial wall displaying the names was unveiled on August 15 2023.

A Swinton resident added that he has no direct connection to the memorial but he likes to still visit to appreciate and “remember those who sacrificed in the past.”

Aileen Harvey’s husband, Robert Harvey, is honoured at the memorial with his own aluminium plaque. Aileen said: “I’ve seen it so many times… he was nine years in the Royal Marines.”

Robert Harvey was a Commander in the Royal Marines and sadly passed away recently.

The memorial has touched the hearts of many Salford locals as many hold connections to those who fought for the country.

Listen to Aileen Harvey’s story Here.


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