The Submerged team will be lighting up the ground floor of MediaCity with a new underwater project. 

Presented on the cube at the ground floor of the University building in MediaCity, the Submerged team have created a dramatic illustration of the affects of climate change and water pollution.

With a view of travelling through the ocean, sea life can be spotted swimming in polluted forms of water, where plastic and rundown building have been submerged by our oceans.

Image taken/ owned by Dunk, Flickr.

Artists are set to exhibit their work at the festival with gigantic forms of sea life that can be seen floating around the Quays.

The Lightwaves installation show will be on display across MediaCity and the Quays in Salford from December 7-10.

The Lightworks project will be teaming up with Yorkshire Life Aquatic to tackle environmental issues, with many teams creating different aspects of illustrations.

Josh McHugh, member of the Submerged team said: “Our Submerged project is a piece to a bigger project.”

McHugh intents to bring the community together with the project, it is also about raising awareness for different social issues.

McHugh added: “It is an immersive underwater experience to raise awareness and ignite change regarding climate change and water pollution.”

Yorkshire Life Aquatic said: “We have been working with Salford University students to create responses to our exhibition in Leeds.

“The project is designed to make people think about the importance of the oceans to all life on earth and designed to make curiosity.”

Image of Lightwaves 2018 David Dixon, taken by Geograph 

The Submerged project aims to raise awareness towards pollution in our waters as well as raise awareness for climate change too.

McHugh states: “It’s not just about understanding the challenges our waters face, but feeling them as well. Raising awareness for change.”

The submerged project is going to be on the ground floor of the University of Salford building in MediaCity.

For more information from the Submerged team click here.


Infographic made on Canvaa, describing the main information of the campaign
Infographic made on Canva

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