The Salford market during at the end of it's demolition.

The final building that made up the Salford Market has been almost completely demolished after being open since the 1980’s.

The flea market stalls outside had been a staple of the community before it was demolished in 2012 along with the Flat Iron, a pub, to make way for a carpark and an Aldi that sits there today.

After this the Salford indoor market was the only memory of the market left, with some traders still left inside selling eggs, bread and other necessities.

However now due to the cost of living crisis, customers of the market chose to shop at supermarkets with lower prices. This led to less income and less viability of keeping the market open.

Demolition had begun in the middle of October 2023 and is now nearly at completion, with the new space likely being turned into more car park spaces.

The Flea Market stalls 2008 – Screenshot from Google Maps

Joy, 71, moved to Salford in 1980 and recalled how amazing the market used to be. John said: “I used to go every Thursday before work, every Sunday I set up my own stall, it was great.

“The food hall used to be buzzing.

“It’s so sad to see what it’s become now.

“Everyone I’ve spoken to is just so upset by it, we loved it.”


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