A Salford distillery has recently launched its limited edition Rum & Black which celebrates the “iconic drink of the Salford dockers.”

The locally sourced Rum & Black drink represents the designated drinks of the old “Salford dockers” who worked at the import stations on Salford Quays.

Co-founder Tommy Gaughan said: “When we launched Salford Rum in 2018, James and I would hand deliver orders around Salford and Greater Manchester. Our early customers would tell us great stories of them, their parents and grandparents working on the docks.

Dock No. 9 (top left) of the Salford Docks. Dock No. 8 is at the right and the Ship Canal in the foreground.

“They’d tell us about the rums and other imports. Time and time again they’d mention one drink…Rum & Black.“Typically a blend of rum with blackcurrant cordial or crème de cassis, Rum & Black was enjoyed down the working men’s clubs around the docks and throughout Salford. This is our take on a classic. The drink of the dockworkers.”

The Salford Rum Company aim to create rums that celebrate the history, heritage and people of Salford Docks in Greater Manchester throughout the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

Image of the Rum & Black, The Salford Rum Company

In this era, the city’s Salford Docks grew to be the third largest port in the UK. The rum company’s spirits take inspiration from the fruits, rums and spices from the Caribbean which were landing on British shores for the first time.

The Salford Rum Company has created the strictly limited Rum & Black by using locally sourced blackcurrants from The Promise Co, Rum & Black.

The rum is crafted at The Dirty Old Town Distillery in small batches of just 300 bottles. The rum officially released on Thursday October 28.

For more information visit here.

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