The Lowry Theatre is to feature a star-studded cast for an award-winning musical that celebrates famous female figures. 

‘Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World’ is heading to The Lowry on December 5, and will remain there as part of its national tour until January 7.

Written by National Theatre’s Chris Bush and ‘Sound of the Underground’ songwriter Miranda Cooper, the show is based on the infamous book of the same name by Suffragette descendant Kate Pankhurst.

The musical follows the powerful tale of a young girl named Jade who leaves her school trip to look at the ‘Gallery of Greatness’.

There, she meets a plethora of historically famous women along the way such as Frida Kahlo, Rose Parks, Amelia Earhart, Marie Curie and Emmeline Pankhurst, to name just a few, in this inspirational pop-filled stage smash.

Salford Lowry gets star-studded cast for award-winning musical
Image Credit: The Lowry

The multi-talented cast boasts the likes of SIX the Musical’s Elena Breschi, Leah Vassell, Jennifer Caldwell and Chloe Hart.

Also appearing onstage is ‘Secret Life of Boys’ and ‘Demon Dentist’ ‘s Georgia Grant-Anderson, ‘White Christmas’ ‘s Millie Kiss, Heathers the Musical’s Summer Priest and Everybody’s Talking About Jamie the Musical’s Rachel Seirian.

Actor Jennifer Caldwell, who portrays infamous Suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst in the musical, said it was an honour to be playing the role of such an inspirational woman so close to Pankhurst’s hometown of Manchester.

She said: “Being able to portray Emmeline Pankhurst so close to where she grew up is something I feel I’ll never forget.

“To have the opportunity to shine a light on a broad spectrum of historical women is a privilege, I feel incredibly honoured to be able to tell the stories of these amazing women who helped shape the society we live in today.”

Actor Jennifer Caldwell, who portrays Emmeline Pankhurst in the show.
Photo Credit: Sukey Parnell

She also stated that the Salford Lowry has played a significant role in her acting journey, saying:

“I have performed in Salford a few times, with both Shrek and Six! It’s one of my favourite touring venues.

“I have very fond memories of visiting the Lowry when it first opened and having that full circle moment of performing on stages is a feeling you can’t beat.”

In Jennifer’s words, Salfordians should see ‘Fantastically Great Women’ at the Lowry because it is joy-filled, and will “light a fire” inside, making the audience believe they have the ability to “change the world.”

The show additionally has a highly skilled crew team which includes National Theatre director Amy Hodge and Frozen the Musical co-sound designer Rob Bettle.

Tickets are available to book now via the The Lowry theatre’s website here. 


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