Salford MP Barbara Keeley has paid tribute to those in Worsley and Eccles South who lost their lives during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ms Keeley created three squares that feature as part of the memorial quilt that is on display in Parliament this week.

MP for Worsley and Eccles South, Ms Keeley, stated: “It was very moving to see the completed quilt and to know that it is being displayed in Parliament in memory of all those who gave so much during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Ms Keeley’s squares also pays tribute to key workers from across Worsley and Eccles South, including those who lost their lives during the pandemic. Barbara particularly wanted to remember two key workers who sadly died from Covid-19, Jane Rowbotham and Margaret Gunshorn.

Jane Rowbotham was the manager of Pemberton Fold Care Home and is greatly missed by her family and many colleagues in Salford.

Margaret Gunshorn was a Student Development Officer at Harrop Fold School (now The Lowry Academy) and worked there for 17 years. She is missed and loved by her husband and family, and remembered fondly by all the students she helped over the years.

Ms Keeley added: “I am proud to have contributed to the project and to honour the memories of Jane Rowbotham and Margaret Gunshorn, as well as many other key workers in my constituency who lost their lives to Covid.”

For more information please contact Barbara Keeley’s constituency office on 0161 799 4159.

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